Artificial Intelligence

- Goal oriented action planner (GOAP)

- Utility Theory

- Crowd Behaviour simulation

- NHTV Award (best technical achievement)

Bolt Storm

- Dungeon crawler RPG with RTS elements

- Item/Looting systems

- UI Managment system

- Army Barracks/Item Shop

- Winner Dutch game awards 2017 (Best Student Technical Achievement)

Multiplayer Game

- Multiplayer Brawler-Style Game

- Character State Machines

- Network Multiplayer

- Combat System

- Building Mechanic

Windows Search Tool

- windows search & launch tool inspired by OSX spotlight (fun side-project)

- Scan and cache compressed meta data of all drives

- Multithreaded using C#

- Very fast (instant search results while typing)

- UI using WPF

Node Graph Editor (Plugin)

- Generic event-driven node editor

- Multipurpose tool

- C# code generation

- Unity C# editor scripting

- Used for managing UI flow (in this case)

Sticky Studio's

- Internship + Continued work

- Work done for big movie studio's

- Maze Runner

- The Hobbit

- Interstellar

- Prototyping for client

- UI

About Me

My name is Robert Knoester, born in 1992 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

My interest in programming started when I was 15. I purchased a book called "3D Game Programming All In One" by Kenneth C. Finney. The book came with a copy of the Torque Engine, which used TorqueScript (a C-based language). Experimenting with this engine got my feet wet and after high school I continued to study game programming.

While studying I always did little fun side-projects like writing a 2D game framework, a 3D renderer using C++/OpenGL/GLSL, a UI library for XNA, A game engine using Java and LWJGL and trying to create small games before realizing I'm not an artist...


(+31) 6 209 100 97