In 2013 I did an internship at Sticky Studio's in Utrecht. The studio made Android/iOS games, mainly for large movie studio's such as Warner Bros. and Paramount. I continued to work there after my internship during my summer vacation. After that, I started my next education at the NHTV. I can't show any of the code because of my NDA but I can talk about what my roles were there and what games I worked on.

Maze Runner

This is the first project I worked on during my internship. I was assigned to create a quick and dirty prototype for the client that wanted to see a proof of concept while the other programmers were busy discussing the architecture and core functionality of the project. After that I worked on gameplay elements such as the coin magnet or the engagement with the boss.


This is the project I worked on during my summer vacation at Sticky Studios. I was responsible for the many UI screens and popups. Programming the functionality and managing the flow between them.

The Hobbit

For this game I used the in-house UI system that they had created (this was before the existance of the new Unity UI system). I used the system to create new UI screens.